Muhammad Mohsin Raza

Muhammad Mohsin Raza

Freelance Data Scientist

Ramay Agricultural Farm


I am a Freelance Data Scientist, Data Analyst and a GIS specialist. I work with R, Python, ArcGIS Pro, Exploratory, GeoDA and many other tools. I am a Ph.D. from Iowa State University with over Eight years of experience in Data Analysis and GIS. I provide my services to different international research groups in Experimental design, Data collection, Data Analysis and Visualization.

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  • Plant Disease Epidemiology
  • Spatial Statistics
  • GIS and Remote Sensing
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning


  • PhD in Plant Pathology and Microbiology

    Iowa State University

  • Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    Iowa State University

  • Leadership and Cultural Development

    Syracuse University

  • MSc (Hons.) in Plant Pathology, 2014

    University of Agriculture Faisalabad

  • BSc (Hons.) in Agriculture, 2012

    University of Agriculture Faisalabad


Data Science




Remote Sensing

Machine Learning



Data Scientist


Jul 2020 – Present

Responsibilities include:

  • Guide recommendations for Experimental design, Data Collection and Analysis
  • Remote collaboration with different research groups and lead the data analysis
  • Facilitate data wrangling, cleaning, and engineering
  • Handle big data analytics and Machine learning tasks
  • Support ArcGIS and Remote Sensing related projects
  • Create stunning and interactive data visualizations using Dashboards and Geo-Apps
  • Work with R, Python, Exploratory, ArcGIS Pro, SAS and GeoDA

Graduate Teaching Assistant - Microbiology

Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, Iowa State University

Aug 2018 – Dec 2018 Iowa

Responsibilities include:

  • Facilitated a lab section (24 undergraduate students) of mycology course
  • Assisted instructor in preparing lab material
  • Guided students in the observation and identification of Macro and Micro fungal specimens
  • Graded lab exams, fungal collections, and final exam

Graduate Research Assistant - Plant Pathology

Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology, Iowa State University

Aug 2015 – Dec 2019 Iowa

Responsibilities include:

  • Designed and supervised field experiments
  • Used ground-based remote sensing and aerial imagery to monitor crop health
  • Surveyed grower fields in Iowa for disease assessment and sampling
  • Coordinated data collection from field experiments and grower fields in Iowa
  • Extracted fungal DNA from soil and roots, conducted qPCR and analyzed data
  • Obtained satellite images, followed by pre-processing and Image Analysis
  • Wrote three technical manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals and over five abstracts for international conferences
  • Led soil sampling and data collection in a collaborative research project


Courses and Trainings

Going Places with Spatial Analysis

        - Exploring spatial questions and problems
        - Understanding and Comparing Places
        - Determining How Places are Related
        - Finding the Best Locations and Paths
        - Detecting and Quantifying Patterns
        - Making Predictions
See certificate

The Location Advantage

        - Business, Geography, and the Location Advantage
        - Understanding Market Opportunity
        - Site Selection: Choosing the Right Location
        - Marketing: Understanding Your Customers
        - Location and Supply Chain Management
        - Understanding Risk using Location Based Information
See certificate


        - Multiscale Topographic Maps
        - Maths for Map Makers
        - The Language of Graphics
        - Labels and Composition
        - Going 3D
        - Mapping Movement and Change/Animation Maps
See certificate

Spatial Data Science - The New Frontier in Analytics

        - Deep knowledge of Spatial Data Science
        - The Spatial Approach to Predictive Analysis and
        - Finding Optimal Locations Using Suitability Models
        - Pattern Detection and Clustering
        - Object Detection with Deep Learning
        - Communicating Results with Impact - Story Maps
See certificate

P3-sponsored sUAS workshop

        - Instructions on safety practices during flight - such as flying a drone in inclement weather - and basic proficiency and knowledge of UAS flight operations
        - Training on the written Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exam towards remote pilot certification

Getting Started with Geoprocessing

Covered key concepts and geoprocessing techniques for spatial data analysis
See certificate

Getting Started with Spatial Analysis

Explored different categories of spatial analysis to answer geographic questions
See certificate

Do-It-Yourself Geo Apps

        - Combined location and narrative in one application to better communicate and broadcast stories
        - Created custom web applications to solve problems in the community
        - Built powerful native applications
See certificate

Second International Workshop on Machine Learning for Cyber-Agricultural Systems (MLCAS)

        - Covered talks, posters and field visits demonstrating the applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning in agriculture
        - Panel discussion on charting the roadmap for Future MLCAS Research

Drone Uses for Agriculture Roadshow in Iowa

        - Discussed current and future uses of drones for agriculture
        - Demonstration of large-area and real-time mapping, subsampling and aerial application using popular models of drones

ggplot2 graphics with R

        - Hands-on training covering making high-quality graphics in R
        - Explained structuring complex graphics

Statistical Analysis System (SAS) Workshop

        - Covered a formal introduction to traditional SAS programming
        - Explained procedures that involve some applications and statistical graphics
        - Introduced SAS Enterprise guide

Recent Publications

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(2021). Epidemiological trends of foodborne Campylobacter outbreaks in the United States of America, 1998-2016. Food Microbiology, 97(XX).

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(2020). First Report of Brown Leaf Spot of Rice Caused by Bipolaris zeicola in Pakistan. Plant Disease, 105(1).

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(2020). A Gated Recurrent Units (GRU)-based model for early detection of soybean sudden death syndrome through time-series satellite imagery. Remote Sensing, 12(21).

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(2020). Exploring the Potential of High-Resolution Satellite Imagery for the Detection of Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome. Remote Sensing, 12(7).

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